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Staff Application Format Empty Staff Application Format

Post by The Redspy on Fri May 22, 2015 4:14 pm

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

What position are you applying for?:

How long have you been with the community?:

What skills and prerequisites do you have for the community?:

Have you ever staffed with others servers before, if so, please list the positions:

What do you think it is to be apart of the Staff Team?:

What do you think your job is as a Staff Member?:

Why should we pick you over some other guy that is also applying?:

Test #1:
You are finally accepted into the ranks of the staff team, and have just joined the server and given your operator rank, followed by pet flags. You begin to roleplay, and after thirty minutes or so, you find a person logging in with an in-character name called Stevengamer203. From what you can tell, he is either a newcomer or just someone from a DarkRP server. He doesn't cause much trouble but he starts asking how he becomes Civil Protection, and begins to disrupt the flow of RP on the server a bit. What is your choice of action?:

Test #2:
You've become more known in the community, whether for better or worst, but an opportunity comes along for you to prove this or improve yourself. An obvious hacker comes on, and after asking pet flags to build his 'apartment' he uses the toolgun to spawn in pre-set builds, and starts spawning in guns for himself and some friends. You find logs of this, and screenshot it also of him doing it, and after you tell him that he has violated this, he says he will DDOS you unless you let him continue this. What do you do?:

Test #3:
You've finally become an admin, and you are respected by the co-owner of the server, but since the Owner distrusts a lot of people due to his four years of serious roleplay, and seeing a lot of stuff that would make him be paranoid, he often leaves his co-owner as the main man, and runs the things behind the scenes. Anyways, one day you get on, and find out the co-owner is actually giving his friend benefits, such as adding points and un-earned data to his data, followed by giving him flags to build, and even at a time giving him a whitelist for the CCA, which he never applied for. You confront him about this, and he tells you in turn if you don't tell anyone, he'd promote you to SA. What do you do in this situation?:

Test #4: After spending a good few months with the server, and getting to know the populace, you are given SA, and the ability to come up with your own events. The Owner wants to test your responsibility, your capabilities, and see if you are ready for this position, so he tells you he will be grading you on your own event, on it's flow, roleplay-density, whether or not it was fair and justified, and if the players enjoyed it. What would your event be?:

Do you know that your position can be taken away from you, just as easily as you can get it?:

Take some time to familiarize yourself with a staff member or something. Learn two things about them, and list them below:

I, __________ swear that I will use my position, if I obtain it, for the betterment of the server, and will not abuse it for my own gain, for if I do, I can receive an immediate demotion and scorn from the community.

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