Pride's IC Authorization Request

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Pride's IC Authorization Request Empty Pride's IC Authorization Request

Post by Duddleu253 on Sat May 23, 2015 12:10 pm

Steam Name: Pride

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:47278088

How long have you been with the server?: About a Week now.

Please name the authorizations you want, or are applying for here: I'm applying for a custom weapon, the KRISS Vector.

Give us an example on what you are going to use these authorizations for, such as: roleplay wise, and for your own benefit. (At least 4 paragraphs please): I feel like it will be more of a link to some back story of his and be something of conversation. Giving him a way to roleplay about his backstory and explain it. So when somebody confronts him about it he will be able to explain his past of how he was here before the others. Giving a chance for more roleplay and not just using it to shoot things. However, it will also be useful for IC combat I suppose. Considering most events involve pistol wielding civs vs. Pulse Rifle Combines. But it also like I said earlier can give a connection point to other players ICly. Starting conversations about anything really.
Give us a backstory as to how you got these 'skills, items, etc' from: (At least 4 paragraph please): Anthony Karter has resided in the Valley far longer than the others that just resided. He has been there since before the Combine Invasion. During this time he has learned the locations of almost everything in the Valley. Using this after the Invasion to loot, and hide from anything needed be. However, during his looting he has come across the old Caches from before the Invasion. Finding nothing to value besides M.R.Es and other small utility items. Before hitting a good cache and finding the Vector and some ammo. However, he hasnt had a chance to even use it considering nothing ever wanders into the Valley. Untill now atleast. However he has still not used it considering he avoids the conflict brought apon here now.

Why do you think you should deserve this authorization? (At least 1 paragraph): I believe I deserve this authorization because I have been more of an aid to the community rather than a nuisance. I've been participating in the events aswell as roleplaying with the other players frequently. I have also been trying to populate the server when I can. On another note I have been an aid to the server by donating and trying my best to help it with what I can.

Tell us the backstory of YOUR character that you intend to use for this authorizations: (The Longer the Better) Anthony Karter resided in the valley since before the Combine Invasion happened. He used to live in one of the homes by himself. Just passing on the daily grind. However when the Combine Invaded he took to the mine shafts. Hiding inside them untill he emerged, the valley empty. As if noone ever even resided there. He began looting like normal, trying to find someone, or something to keep him company. After a while he gave up, learning to be a sort of Hermit all on his own. Untill the others arrived, he had yet to make himself announced to them. Watching them from the sidelines to see if they would just repeat what was already done here. The Combine coming and making them all vanish like before. ((Not the best but hey, its a work in progress.))

How do you plan on using the authorization? Is it for your own personal use, for the server, just for the roleplay of it, or perhaps something more?: I plan to use it as a conversation piece or a link to his past in the Valley.

Have you had any VAC Bans before, and or bans from previous servers?: I'm VAC banned from TF2 and CSGO. Because I used to cheat on them. But of course now I don't cheat.

Do you promise not to abuse or in any right not use this authorization correctly?: I promise.

You do know these authorizations and your character can be banned if you abuse this, right?: I understand.


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