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Character Special Authorization [Chase Matthew's] Empty Character Special Authorization [Chase Matthew's]

Post by Novamettmatt on Tue May 26, 2015 2:16 pm

Steam Name: Novamett

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59784507    

How long have you been with the server?: Currently, four days but I plan to play much more.

Please name the authorizations you want, or are applying for here: Combat Medic Veteran

Give us an example on what you are going to use these authorizations for, such as: roleplay wise, and for your own benefit. (At least 4 paragraphs please): First of all this authorization came to mind through my own experience as being a part of PRT and being a combat medic myself. Next, I love medRP and everything about it with procedures, operations, teaching and then there's the combat part of it. I am applying for both the medic and combat part, including my character having known fighting styles like advanced Taekwondo and Kung-Fu along with superior hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. I know it may seem like I want a lot but you must understand Chase lives by strict rule that he doesn't want to hurt anyone unless absolutely needed, now to the medical side of this authorization. I would like to have several satchels on my back (not with loaded medical supplies) But they are good condition and able to store things like syringes, bandages, clamps, scalpels, haemostatic agents and more but the main purpose is just the ultimate knowledge of the medical field, more knowledge than the average doctor due to first hand experience with combat and recovery. The main reason i'd like to have these skills and knowledge is because I don't see many people as excited with medRP and if people are getting shot often and injured in combat its less likely they will go to a passive doctor.. that's why I wish to be able to escort them with combat abilities instead of sitting back waiting for someone else to carry them out. It makes the RP much more interesting when someone carries you out and saves your character behind cover or somewhere safe. i'd also like this authorization because it promotes medRP.

Give us a backstory as to how you got these 'skills, items, etc' from: (At least 4 paragraph please): Chase Matthew's served as a combat medic pre-war as an underage soldier and finished his line of duty at 22, one year before the 7 hour war. He was already living in city-45 when the combine struck.. he knew that if he went to fight he wouldn't be there in the end times for his daughter and wife.. so he erased his identity and moved on as if he was never a soldier.. once the 7-hour war was over he went to get rations every day for his family.. but soon enough his wife became very ill and died a week later due to insufficient supplies and medicine.. he was burdened with this thought that he saved dozens of soldiers lives in his line of duty but couldn't save his wife.. his daughter was taken as a slave from a raid to the apartments.. Chase was left with nothing but his skills and uniforms under the floor boards.. Chase then decided he needed to get out of the city.. he made a cloak out of burlap and some scraps and compressed all the he could into a few medical satchels.. he removed all supplies so they wouldn't be taken from him.. and scratched off any symbols like the US flag and his badges.. he moved to the outlands to seek out supplies and for a better life to save others and not let anyone die like his wife did.

Why do you think you should deserve this authorization? (At least 1 paragraph): I have first hand experience of how procedures are and even combat, I have been a Helix DvL and doctors/medics in many CW servers like BMRP and CityRP. I have extremely detailed /me's with medRP and combatRP, I would not abuse the knowledge and skills Chase has with combat and medical work. Right now he is under the radar and is just looking for a friend that won't take him for his abilities.. I want to be able to develop my character without power gaming or anything like that, the skills he has are to develop and not abuse.

Tell us the backstory of YOUR character that you intend to use for this authorizations: (The Longer the Better) Most of it is explained in the other sections but Chase Matthew's wanted to be a doctor and a soldier growing up as a kid, he lived in tokyo for most of his life until his parents were abusive and he left on his own with his grandpa to the states at the age of eight.. he became a citizen and grew up going to school until he graduated at 17 due to his great knowledge in school, while in college at eight teen he got by to go into the military, he was studying to get his PhD and MD, while going on weekends to train with combat.. he was drafted to go to war when he was only 20 and that lasted 2 years.. he finished his medical training and combat training until going back to his family one year before the 7-hour war began.. after dealing with very hard times and going through the city day upon day he moved to the outlands with a new goal in mind.. a new hope to start fresh and make a difference in lots of people.

How do you plan on using the authorization? Is it for your own personal use, for the server, just for the roleplay of it, or perhaps something more?: It is almost completely for the RP and helping the server know how fun medRP can be and it is somewhat for my own enjoyment and seeing how the character will turn out, his skills would not be abused with power gaming or getting out of every situation.. it takes long amounts of time to medRP and with that being in the middle of combat it cannot be completed all on the firefight.. the patient would have to be still hurt but good enough to walk or limp to get out of the area. My point being it can't be abused if the medRP is done right and I assure you I will not mess it up. But i'd like to show people how medRP is important and also fun if you get into it.

Have you had any VAC Bans before, and or bans from previous servers?: No bans from any CW servers or any VAC bans from gmod, I love the game mode and would hate to see it die from people who don't understand it, I think if everyone could understand how it can be then lots would play it.

Do you promise not to abuse or in any right not use this authorization correctly?: Of course.

You do know these authorizations and your character can be banned if you abuse this, right?: Yes, certainly.


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