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'Blackbird' Empty 'Blackbird'

Post by KillerBr1 on Thu May 28, 2015 11:25 am

'Blackbird' 2db79ab5ebf89ce5987add7cc97e72e8

                          Name: Alex Thompson
                          Age: 27
                          Nickname: Blackbird
                          Gender: Male
                          Ethnicity: American
                          Occupancy:Civil Protection / Rogue Unit

Physical Appearance:
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White
Build: Mesomorphic
Height: 6'1''
Scars/Deformities: Scar on his left cheek.
Voice: Smooth voice, with a deep tone.

Follower - In the Nexus, he was trained to follow orders to the dot. Leading, on the other hand, will result in ending up in a ditch covered in bullet holes.
Bad Decisions - If given the choice between getting a bullet to the brain, or having an ice cream cone, Blackbird would have a period of panic and distress from the difficulty of the decision.
Love Sick - In his search for love, he finds only heartbreak. The closer he gets, the farther he's pushed, resulting in suicidal tendencies.

Eletronic Expertise - In City 08, he learned how to mess with eletronic stuff, like his helmet, radios, televisions, everything that has electricity, he can handle.
Trustful - He's a good ally, if you are into trouble,  he will be the first to help you.
Fighter - Working with gear constantly, having to pull apart thing as well as putting them together, tones your biceps and makes for a good punch.

Character Opinions

[Death Wish] [Hate] [Dislike] [Neutral] [Like] [Ally] [Love]

Lilly - She's a nice person, and I like how she acts. I care about her, and anyone that even thinks about putting their hands on her will have to go through me.
Update - She is okay now.. I can talk with her, but.. She is acting weird.. I dunno..

Brainbug -  He's a nice guy, and never aimed a gun at me.
Update - He helped me keep Lilly out of Dean's hands.. He is taking good care of her.. I trust him.. He's a good friend.

Spade - He's a cool guy but I don't trust him that much.
Update - He was my best friend.. I trusted him with my life.. Rest in peace, brother..

Ace - Cool guy, helped me and Spade in a lot of situations.

Wolf - He oddly reminds me Spade.. I guess I can trust him.

Veselin 'Decker' Novak - He's okay. I'm helping him on his research to see what the Archimedes Sphere can do, he helped Lilly after.. She got injured by a shard to her chest.

David Franco - He is a cool guy. Joined me and my friends and now he is helping us at the base, it's good to have a helping hand around.

Jane -  Didn't talk to her much, but she seems really tough.

Clover -   Fucked her a few times.  Not that I don't like her... but I think if I make eye contact with her she'll murder me.

Chase - Never really talked to him, but he seems like a nice guy

Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang What a bitch, she asks me to join her stupid rebel thing and then yells at me and treats me like shit. She is just another dumb rebel who probably will die soon by a Combine.
Update - She stole our weapons after Spade died, and then got in for shelter saying that she lost her shotgun, I don't trust her, and if she does anything funny, she's dead

Dean - He's a total dumbass, I don't like him at all, but for now he's useful to me.
Update - He harmed Lilly, almost killed me. He's dead now, at least, everything can get back to normal.

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'Blackbird' Empty Re: 'Blackbird'

Post by Djentleman on Thu May 28, 2015 4:38 pm

I am the coolest guy.

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