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Post by Señor Rayler on Fri May 29, 2015 9:44 pm

Steam Name: Señor Rayler

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:32212838

How long have you been with the server?: I'd say for almost 1 week I started playing in sunday 24/05/2015

Please name the authorizations you want, or are applying for here: I'm applying for Vortigaunt as Grand Elder/Elder, I'm making it because I've not seen the Elder online (not even once.)

Give us an example on what you are going to use these authorizations for, such as: roleplay wise, and for your own benefit. (At least 4 paragraphs please):

/it The sweet sound of the wind could be heard all over the slums with the noise of the crows flying away. Krah'La Ghenn: /me is walking around the slums looking around being aware of his surroundings, he'd shortly after hear the yell of a human before rushing towards him. Rebel 1: /me would be yelling for help as he'd have bullet wounds on his right shoulder, he'd have his left hand over his right shoulder making pressure trying to stop the bleeding. Krah'La Ghenn: /me arrives at the wounded human location before looking around just to find a rebel leaning agaisn't a wall badly injured, he'd quickly head towards the injured human before asking him "What has happened with this one?". Rebel 1: /me grinds his teeth in pain before saying "I-I've g-got shot by another r-rebel. . .". Krah'La Ghenn: /me would gently take the rebel's left hand off from his right shoulder with his right hand, before continuing he'd be interrupted by the rebel. Rebel 1: /me once again grinds his teeth in pain before saying "The bullets went through. . .Lucky me. . .". Krah'La Ghenn: /me looks at the rebel in pain before saying "This one will help the human with the pain. . .This one shall not feel pain." he'd continue by gently placing his right hand on the rebel's right shoulder. Rebel 1: /me would take a deep breath as he would see the Vortigaunt's hand touch the bullet wounds on his right shoulder, he'd continue to close his eyes grinding his teeth holding his breath. Krah'La Ghenn: /me closes his eyes and continues to clear his mind from any thoughts thinking of good memories, thinking of healthy things, ignoring any sounds from his surroundings, he'd continue to allow the Vortessence flow throught his hands, while speaking in Vortigese, a forest green light would start to emit from the Vortigaunt's right hand. Rebel 1: /me would feel the pain easing down as he'd be getting relaxed he'd feel tempted to take the Vortigaunt's hand off but he would realize that it's better to let him finish. Krah'La Ghenn: /me would stop the Vortessence from flowing through his hand, shortly after he'd smile taking his right hand off from the rebel's right shoulder very slowly, he'd turn his view to the rebel as he'd start to slowly step back. Rebel 1: /me would stop feeling pain as he'd continue to quickly look at his right shoulder noticing no scars, no bullet wounds, just his skin. . .He'd turn his view to the Vortigaunt with a huge smile before saying "You. . .I don't know how to say thank you. . .I feel like it's not enough. . .". Krah'La Ghenn: /me would listen very carefully to what the human said as he'd continue to say "This one shall not be given a favor back. . .This one is happy to help." with a smile. Rebel 2: /me spies the Vortigaunt and the Rebel that he had just shot, he'd quickly pull out his pistol as he'd continue to come out of his hiding spot saying "Well well. . .This Vortigaunt sure knows how to help others huh?". Rebel 1: /me would quickly recognize the voice as he'd look at the Rebel 2 and continues to say "You son of a bitch. . .You betrayed us! We were friends!" standing still as he'd try to keep his calm. Krah'La Ghenn: /me would be staring at the Rebel 2 as he'd get in a defensive stance raising both of his arms and his hands facing forward filling his mind with good thoughts, he'd continue to say "The human should not look for a fight. . .The human should look for peace. . .Fighting is pointless. . .". Rebel 2: /me would loudly laugh as he'd continue to say "He did help you, let's see how he helps you and his self" shortly after he'd pull the trigger 6 times sending 6 bullets towards the Vortigaunt and the Rebel 1. Krah'La Ghenn: /me would keep the good thoughts inside his mind as if he was thinking of protecting his family, he'd quickly let the Vortessence inside his body flow throught his arms and hands, a forest green light would start to emit from the Vortigaunt's hands as a wall of Vortessence to protect the Vortigaunt and the Rebel from the bullets, the bullets would be absorbed by the wall, shortly after all the bullets were absorbed, the Vortigaunt would quickly remove all the good thoughts from his mind and continues to fill his mind with anger thinking of the Civil Protection attacking the innocents and his species, he'd continue to turn the wall of Vortessence to a beam of electricity, he'd quickly throw it towards the Rebel 2 giving him a electric shock. Rebel 2: /me would feel the electricity go through his body, shortly after passing out and falling to the ground landing on his back. Rebel 1: /me would start to calm down as he'd look at the Rebel 2 on the ground while he'd continue to say in a real calmed way "Thank you. . .Again. . .I'll get him back to our hideout, I. . .Really appreciate it, we'll probably see each other again in the future.". Krah'La Ghenn: /me would fill his mind with normal thoughts as he would lower both of his arms while looking at the Rebel 1, he'd continue to say with a smile "This one is entirely sure that we shall meet again in the future. . .At the current time. . .This one shall leave." without saying anything else, the vortigaunt would leave the area returning to walk in the slums.

Give us a backstory as to how you got these 'skills, items, etc' from: (At least 4 paragraph please):   (Also Backstory)

Krah'La Ghenn was first enslaved with no experience of Vortessence when the 7 Hour War had finished, Krah'La Ghenn was assigned with another one of his species called Tah'Lung Grah in one of the cells, he used to clean around the Nexus and in the plaza with him. . .He used to get beaten up along with Tah'Lung Grah by the DvL's, EpU's, and many other ranks, Krah'La Ghenn and Tah'Lung Grah were also used for shooting ranges as moving targets.

After a long time of being enslaved, rebels decided to free Krah'La Ghenn and Tah'Lung Grah, luckily they were being guarded by a CCA.04 and a CCA.03, the rebels came up on the CCA, 5 Rebels with SMG's and 3 rebels with 9mm pistols with masks on, they threatened the Civil Protection Officers and then 2 rebels with SMG's headed towards Krah'La Ghenn and Tah'Lung Grah and grabbed them by force, then the rebels got them to the slums where they got told to run away, the Civil Protection Officers had warned their superiors by radio and the rebels had to stay and fight them.

Krah'La Ghenn and Tah'Lung Grah ran into the slums but the Civil Protection Officers had sent 2 EpU's to look for Krah'La Ghenn and Tah'Lung Grah, after hours of running they finally had found a really huge place but not so many hiding spots, sadly Krah'La Ghenn and Tah'Lung Grah had separated without noticing, they decided to continue looking for a hiding spot even if they weren't together. . .They had the shackles and were defenseless. Shortly after one of the Vortigaunts were found, Tah'Lung Grah had been found and a Pulse Rifle was heard, with the yell of a Vortigaunt coming with it.

Krah'La Ghenn was shocked by the death of Tah'Lung Grah but the Grand Elder had found him and started teaching him all he knew about Vortessence, how he was ment to use it, what it was, and much more. . .Krah'La Ghenn was going up in ranks faster than the Grand Elder could of imagined, he had learned in a way that was incredible. . .Krah'La Ghenn had witnessed the death of the Grand Elder, but before the Grand Elder had passed away, he had told Krah'La Ghenn by Fluxshifting that he was the next Grand Elder.

Why do you think you should deserve this authorization? (At least 1 paragraph):

I believe since it's because I've been Role-Playing in CW: HL2RP for about 3 or 4 years, and I've found more interesting the Vortigaunt RP and their Passive RP, I wouldn't exactly say that I know everything but I know the most of it and it's been part of my Role-Playing life, I've also teached many players that had been accepted in Vortigaunt's Applications from Youngling, Student, Savage (Don't exactly remember if it's actually Savage), Mysthic to Elder. I had many situations where I could use the abilities of the Vortigaunts, Fluxshifting, Vortessence Shield, Vorti-Beam, Manipulate some electric objects and many more.

Tell us the backstory of YOUR character that you intend to use for this authorizations: (The Longer the Better) I explained my backstory above in "Give us a backstory as to how you got these 'skills, items, etc' from"

How do you plan on using the authorization? Is it for your own personal use, for the server, just for the roleplay of it, or perhaps something more?:

I plan on using it for the Server, to show more of the VortigauntRP and PassiveRP, I also want to get people interested on VortigauntRP, of course I'm not gonna force them, but it would be nice to see more people part of Vortigaunt RP.

Have you had any VAC Bans before, and or bans from previous servers?: I've never had a single VAC Ban or any bans from HL2RP Servers.

Do you promise not to abuse or in any right not use this authorization correctly?: I promise.

You do know these authorizations and your character can be banned if you abuse this, right?: Yes, I do.

EDIT:On the 4th question, just a typo.

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Post by Dr. Strangelove on Fri May 29, 2015 9:52 pm


His grasp of playing as a Vort is incredible. He's even describing what a Vortigaunt thinks to summon forth the Vortessence. Jesus Christ give this man a medal.
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