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The Zarapocolypse Empty The Zarapocolypse

Post by TickyToe on Sat May 30, 2015 1:13 am


Sentences or words in white are taken directly from the event, and may be graphic to some readers.

It all began, with a model change.
Faith 'Lilly' Falgner set Jacob Zara #1's model to models/humans/group01/zara.mdl.

Faith 'Lily' Falgner, otherwise known as "︻デ═一ⓈиΣĀⓚⓎøツ", had no idea what he had set motion. What appeared to be a simple model change, would soon turn into much more.
Back IC, Zoey is training the first Zara, as well as two others. Everything is going smoothly...
[OOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: LOL
[LOOC] David Franco: Perfect.
[OOC] David Franco: It fits him.
[LOOC] Zara #1: thanks
[LOOC] Zara #1: im a tranny icly

...Until another one was infected.
Faith 'Lilly' Falgner set Zara #2's model to models/humans/group03m/zara.mdl.

Experts believe that it was through contact, possibly airborne. David and Zoey were face to face with two Zaras now, and they knew this was trouble. Zoey scared them off, unleashing their wrath in the city by accident.

** Zara #2 screams as she shoots the gun, flailing her arms everywhere, "Oh god! We're getting shot at!"
Zara #1 says "Ooooh my god!"
Zara #1 says "Call the police!"
Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang says "Ok, you two can leave."

They were unaware at what they had unleashed as the two ran off...
At first, things were quiet. It would seem as if the Zaras had disappeared. But then some irritation was noticed in the OOC
[OOC] Moira Strangelove: Dear whoever was knocking on my door: She's out fucking COLD.

Little did Moira, AKA Dr. Strangelove, know that this was the beginning of the Zarapocolypse. She soon realized, however.

[OOC] Zara 2: aay lmao
[OOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: what?

Zoey, AKA Ticky Toe, began conversing in private with Dr. Strangelove.

[PM] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: they're trolls
[PM] Moira Strangelove: pls send halp
[PM] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: Zoey was gonna recruit them but I shot a gun and they went oh my gooood he shot the gun someone call the police!
[PM] Moira Strangelove: If they're actually trolling just shoot them,
[PM] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: they're like... doing it IC. Like there's technically nothhing wrong with it OOCly speaking... yet

It was quickly realized that they were untouchable. They could not be defeated, not in their current state. The survivors would have to wait until the opportune time to strike.

The survivors, Ticky Toe, Dr. Strangelove, and David France (Forgot ya steam name) resumed roleplay in an apartment room, when a stranger joined the server.

Retro PC [MASTER HUSTLER] has connected to the server.

The survivors ignore this, however. And continue on with their RP. Moments later, the sound of dying females is heard, near the long ladder drop that has claimed  the lives of many. It's concluded that these were Zaras, though there is no audio proof of this. We do have the reactions of the survivors, however:
[LOOC] David Franco: .-.
[LOOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: ...
[LOOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: doont
[LOOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: o
[LOOC] David Franco: Sshhh
[LOOC] Moira Strangelove: I think they're having a suicide pact

The curiosity over the new visitor is short lived, when it speaks:
[OOC] Zara #3: Hey guys, I was just wondering if I could pick up a model change Very Happy models/humans/group03m/zara.mdl
Faith 'Lilly' Falgner set Zara #3's model to models/humans/group03m/zara.mdl.

A third one is consumed, and the survivors begin to become concerned. When would the infections stop? Lilly, however, knows what will happen.
[PM] Faith 'Lilly' Falgner: They are about to try to server takeover.

Though, she's in no position to stop it. Not yet.

As the survivors continue on their RP, knowing full well what will happen soon, they're interrupted. Footsteps approach the door, and then two knocks are heard on the door. Everything goes silent...

[OOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: It's like a fucking zombie movie but with Zara's, you just hear footsteps come to the door then banging
** Zara #3 steps up to the door, slamming her foot into the handle and kicking it wide open.
[LOOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: that's
[LOOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: not
[LOOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: pg
[LOOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: or anything
[LOOC] Zara #1: We can roll if you want too.
[LOOC] Zara #3: hey i made your model show some respect
** The door would shake, but otherwise do nothing.

The survivors put on their best defenses, and they hold for now, though it is clear that it will not hold out forever. Meanwhile, Zoey and Lilly converse in private

[PM] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: can we just kick them?
[PM] Faith 'Lilly' Falgner: Have they done anything wrong?
[PM] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: one of them tried to pg kicking a door in, but I just /it'd that it did nothing
[PM] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: other than that, not technically
[PM] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: but I mean, we all know where this is heading.

Despite Zoey's efforts, it's not enough.

Less than a minute later, the infection spreads again.

Faith 'Lilly' Falgner set Chester Charles Kroeger's model to models/humans/group03m/zara.mdl.

The survivors try their best to ignore it, but then the familiar sound of footsteps are heard, and they stop at the door as before. Their numbers are larger, and it's unclear what may happen.

** Zora #1 attempts to kick down the door.
** Zora #2 attempts to kick down the door.
** Zora #3 attempts to kick down the door.
** Zora #4 attempts to kick down the door.
** Zora #1 has rolled 59 out of 100.
** Zora #2 has rolled 77 out of 100.
** Zora #3 has rolled 31 out of 100.
** Zora #4 has rolled 24 out of 100.

The survivors struggle to keep their RP barriers in place,
** As they all try to kick it in at the same time, they would kick each other's ankles and effectively break them.
** It was at that point, they all knew. They fucked up.

Team work holds the barrier, but anymore and it will fall. Suddenly, Lilly appears in a bright white light, the Zaras hissing as the Ban Hammer becomes clear in Lilly's hand.

Faith 'Lilly' Falgner has banned 'Oryx [Reinstalling]' for 168 hour(s)
Oryx [Reinstalling] has disconnected from the server.

Faith 'Lilly' Falgner has banned 'tommy' permanently ((Minging) (No Intent To RP) (Attempting To Overrun Server) -Sneaky).
tommy has disconnected from the server.

The Zoras, now outnumbered, flee from Lilly as the survivors cheer her on.

Retro PC [MASTER HUSTLER] has disconnected from the server.
The Machinist has disconnected from the server.

Lilly has stopped the Zarapocolypse before it truly begun, and the survivors begin discussing a name for this historic event.

[OOC] David Franco: These zara's.
[OOC] Zoey 'Jiyu' Chang: The Zarapocolypse
[OOC] Moira Strangelove: The Seven Zara War

They all share in the laugh, for Lilly has saved the day, and the server is safe...

...or is it?

Faith 'Lilly' Falgner set Faith 'Lilly' Falgner's model to models/humans/group03m/zara.mdl.


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The Zarapocolypse Empty Re: The Zarapocolypse

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