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Strangelove's Vortigaunt Application Empty Strangelove's Vortigaunt Application

Post by Dr. Strangelove on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:35 pm

Steam Name: Dr. Strangelove

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52195055

How long have you been with the server?: No idea, maybe 2 weeks at the minimum.

Please name the authorizations you want, or are applying for here: Vortigaunt Whitelist.

Give us an example on what you are going to use these authorizations for, such as: roleplay wise, and for your own benefit. (At least 4 paragraphs please):

Playing as a Vortigaunt opens up a different perspective on the world, viewing it from a very wise and sometimes naive point of view.
I've not yet had the chance to play as a Vortigaunt, though a separate application on another server was accepted three hours before it exploded. Leaving link here, this server is now defunct and IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT ON MY PART, I was previously known as Alucard.

I've seen and experienced VortgauntRP from others, including an awestruck development on Senor Rayler's part. I watched him develop from a fledgling RP'er to one of the best Vortigaunts I've seen yet. The character I'm hoping to use is to counter the experienced Vorts I've seen already, as the two Vorts currently available are both Elders. Starting as one of the lowest ranks will let me learn more firsthand, and let them RP as a mentor.

Hopefully, the character foil of a scared, young Vort will balance out all the razor-sharp edginess. This Vort likely won't have a grasp beyond having hands that occasionally glow green and very broken, quiet Fluxshifting.

Extremely inexperienced and too terrified to learn much about human culture, Vech'Sun'Minh is, for all intents and purposes, a VortiChild.

Give us a backstory as to how you got these 'skills, items, etc' from: (At least 4 paragraph please):

Vech'Sun'Minh was fascinated by the human race, though never explicitly ventured out in pursuit of knowledge. After spending a while in Combine activity which resulted in his chest arm being broken more than once, he has an intense fear of Metropolice. Other than the reasonable phobia, Vech has spent many of his days learning to read, and has recently taken up scavenging and reading from pre-war and post-war books.

Vech'Sun'Minh was enslaved since the beginning of the Combine incursion, spending most of it in City 18. He spent most of it sweeping the Nexus, though tried to stay away as much as he can. He was liberated in the same city after two years in enslavement, and it ended up sparking in interest in human culture. He has heard stories from his brethren, though doesn't have any of his own. When he arrived in City 17i using lesser traveled methods, he fled to hidden parts after seeing the eerie white glint of a Metrocop facemask. His phobia for shiny white prevented him from exploring human lore and culture, leaving his knowledge mostly limited.

Vech'Sun'Minh eventually followed a refugee group out of the cities, observing them from afar, before he realized they had arrived in the canals. Trying to get familiar with his surroundings, he ran into a couple antlions whom he (mistakenly) believed were another friendly race. Many cuts and bites later, Vech convinced himself not to be paranoid. He spends most of his time now wandering, welcoming friends into three open arms.

Vech'Sun'Minh was never trained in use of the Vortessence, formally or informally, and is mostly unaware of it's use as a weapon or utensil, only believing it to be their most forward religion.

Why do you think you should deserve this authorization? (At least 1 paragraph):

Because I'm an experienced, dedicated RPer with an intense desire to roleplay as one of the most question-evoking races of the Half-Life lore. From worshiping orange suited nerds with crowbars, to speaking in ways that would make William Shakespeare roll in his grave, Vortigaunts seem like a perfect intro to RPing as something else than a citizen.

Tell us the backstory of YOUR character that you intend to use for this authorizations: (The Longer the Better) (Technically included in the above paragraphs. DOn't hate me please.)

How do you plan on using the authorization? Is it for your own personal use, for the server, just for the roleplay of it, or perhaps something more?: A mixture of giving RP to the more experienced Vortigaunts, and offering the opposite spectrum of training, making it for the server and roleplay.

Have you had any VAC Bans before, and or bans from previous servers?: Nope. Zilch.

Do you promise not to abuse or in any right not use this authorization correctly?: I pwomise.

You do know these authorizations and your character can be banned if you abuse this, right?: Yes master.
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