Character Authroization Format

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Character Authroization Format Empty Character Authroization Format

Post by The Redspy on Sat May 23, 2015 8:02 am

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

How long have you been with the server?:

Please name the authorizations you want, or are applying for here:

Give us an example on what you are going to use these authorizations for, such as: roleplay wise, and for your own benefit. (At least 4 paragraphs please):

Give us a backstory as to how you got these 'skills, items, etc' from: (At least 4 paragraph please):

Why do you think you should deserve this authorization? (At least 1 paragraph):

Tell us the backstory of YOUR character that you intend to use for this authorizations: (The Longer the Better)

How do you plan on using the authorization? Is it for your own personal use, for the server, just for the roleplay of it, or perhaps something more?:

Have you had any VAC Bans before, and or bans from previous servers?:

Do you promise not to abuse or in any right not use this authorization correctly?:

You do know these authorizations and your character can be banned if you abuse this, right?:

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