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Radio Codes:

10-0: Use caution.
10-1: Not understood.
10-2: Signal good.
10-3: Stop transmitting.
10-4: Copy that. (OK, Acknowledgement)
10-5: Busy.
10-6: Busy unless urgent.
10-7: Unit off-duty.
10-8: Unit on duty.
10-9: Repeat.
10-10: Fight in progress.
10-11: Follow.
10-12: Stand by.
10-13: Report status.
10-14: Citizen sneaking.
10-15: Civil disturbance.
10-17: Meet complainant. (Go to citizen that requested something.)
10-18: As soon as possible.
10-19: Return to ____.
10-20: Location.
10-21: Report to Nexus
10-22: Disregard. (Nevermind, forget it.)
10-23: Arrived at scene.
10-24: Protection complete. (Assignment complete.)
10-25: Meet ___.
10-27: Detaining suspect.
10-28: Citizen ID. (Name, CID number.)
10-29: Check for contraband.
10-30: Unnecessary use of radio.
10-31: Crime in progress.
10-32: Man with gun.
10-33: Emergency.
10-34: Major crime alert.
10-35: Riot.
10-50: Patrol.
10-52: Medic needed.
10-55: Intoxicated citizen.
10-70: Fire.
10-70A: Advise nature of fire.
10-70B: Report progress of fire.
10-74: Negative.
10-75: With ___ (For example: 10-75 oh-five-oh-nine-seven, as in "I am with 05097.")
10-76: En route.
10-77: ETA.
10-78: Need assistance.
10-80: Chase in progress.
10-85: Delay due to ____ (Example: 10-85, blockade.)
10-87: Pickup detained suspect.
10-89: Bomb threat.
10-90: CWU shop alarm.
10-91: CWU worker.
10-91S: Citizen.
10-99: Another officer is down.
10-101M: Subject is mentally unfit.
10-101P: Subject is physically unfit.
10-103M: Disturbance by mentally unfit.
10-103P: Disturbance by physically unfit.
10-106: Obscenity.
10-107: Suspicious citizen.
10-108: Disturbance.
11-1: Requesting OTA.
11-2: Suspect is here, 10-20 is ____ (Example: 11-2, southern slums.)
11-3: Heavy resistance.
11-4: Necrotics.


ADW: Assault with a deadly weapon.
BOLO: Be on the lookout.
DB: Dead body.
UTL: Unable to locate.
Policide: The killing of an unit or a high-priority citizen.)


Code Green: All is fine.
Code Yellow: Something of low importance. (Small amount of unrest, a small crime happening.)
Code Orange: Something of medium importance. (Riots, attempted homicide/policide.)
Code Red: Something of high importance. (Policides, homicides, shootings, full-on rebellions, rebel attacks.)
Code White: Something of extreme importance. (Rebel takeovers, higher-ups in danger, probably will never happen.)
Code 1: Homicide.
Code 1S: Homicide by shooting.
Code 2: Shooting.
Code 3: Policide.
Code 3S: Policide by shooting.
Code 647A: Vagrant loitering in a public place. (Vagrant means someone Homeless.)
Code 647B: Vagrant is non-cohesive. (Non-compliant.)
Code 647C: Vagrant is evasive. (Attempting to escape area.)
Code 647E: Anti-citizen.
Code 100: Citizen has applied wrong.

More Terminology:

Inject (To formally deploy) - Move into a establishment or block.
Contain - To clamp off entrances of a area and confine the situation to a certain area.
Unrest - Rebellion or Riot.
Anti-Citizen - Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations; MALIGNANT.
Malignant - Hostile.
Administer - To issue a verdict to a resident.
Pacify - To neutralize an individual non-lethally.
Clamp - Restrict citizen access through a checkpoint; for example clamping the Nexus checkpoint and not allowing citizens past.
Unlawful Procreative Activity (UPA) - Attempting to perform intercourse.
Expose Flush - Suspects or expose them from cover.
Stand By - Await orders.
Intercede - Take immediate control of the situation; Ambush/surprise hostiles.
Extract - Withdraw subject out of Location 1 to Location 2.
Clear Often - Used as a breach term to inform the team that the area is clear of contraband and anti-civil activity.
Breach - To force entry to a designated area, often used in sweeps when breaches are placed or the door is kicked in.
Stabilize - To restore order to a situation by any means necessary, this is determined lethal/non-lethal by your commanding Authority.
Deploy - Often used in reference to the deployment of equipment or a squad.
Prosecute - To administer verdict to a resident through means of prosecution.
Isolate - To disband a large group of citizens.
R.O.E (Rules Of Engagement) - Often set for breaches or sweeps by the team leader.
Amputate - To kill or remove limbs from the body.
Hold - Maintain position defensively.
Ripcord - Fall back to move back or away. Can also mean return to nexus.
Diagnose - Determine an investigate level and situation.
Inoculate - To protect or safeguard from a threat.
Sterilize - Clean a designated area of Anti-Citizen/Civil Activity.
Contact - Hostiles spotted, prepare confirm to engage.
Contact Confirm - Contact is confirmed malignant and hostile.
Sociocide - Attempted disruption of the social order.
Divisive - Having a quality that divides or separates from the Civil Populace(Causing malcompliance or other forms of rebellion).
Restrict - To prevent access from a designated area or location.
Bio-signal - A suit mechanism that is responsible for lifeline monitoring as well as synchronization to the Civil Authority system.
Infestation - High amounts of nectrotic activity.
Biotic - Vortigaunt.
Infected - Hostile Protection unit under Parasitic control.
Exogen - Antlion.
Necrotic - Zombie.
Parasitic - Headcrab.
Virome - Poison/Fast Headcrab.
Outland - Foreign.
Bouncer - Grenade.
Restrictor - Thumper.
Viscerator - Manhack.


Unions role in the CCA is to patrol and when needed to clamp down checkpoints. They are armed with all the standard issuse CCA Equipment.


Helix protection teams are the combat medics of the CCA. and only treat other protection units, they undergo intense medical training.


Judge is responsible for interrogation, or torture. You have access to Torture weaponary, You act brutal. This rank is unlocked at 03+.


Grid is the mechanical/engineer, Craft/Make Scanners, Turrets, Repair them, Access to control Scanners. (SCN)

GHOST:GHOST - GHOST are Reconnaissance or Scouts of the MPF. They are highly trained and none match their skills. They can infiltrate and kill any target they are assigned to. They are highly trained in hand to hand combat.

XRAY - XRAY, the snipers of the MPF. They are rarely in use, but when they are, they do not miss their targets. They can hit a fly from a thousand meters away.

JURY:JURY- Only Officers can be transfered into the Jury division
They recieve minimal ammounts of brainwash but they get brain/internal augmentations which allow higher amounts of Logic use.
Being the elite detectives in the Metro police force. They get minimal to no firearms but are allowed to carry heavy weapons, they choose to not carry automatic/heavy weaponry by choice
They get free permission to lockdown any region of the city when the Commander/Sectorial is not online for their own purposes which benefit the union.
Being able to command anyone below the rank of Divisional leader since they are trusted to always make the right decisions.
When combat starts they are not the ones fighting in the from. In most cases they will not even be fighting.
Patrolling is a duty they don't need to do and they choose not to do it. except for scanning/investigating
They rarely enter District 4.

The Jury division does not have any other rank than the one of "Officer" No divisional leaders either. Only Commander and Sectorial commander can command the Jury Elite detective units, but they rarely do.

Before a major metro police force raid they investigate the pathway and weakspots troughout making sure that no units will lose their life that day.
They do not communicate with other divisions unless they need to.

Civilians have no knowledge of the Jury division and noone in the MPF would know what Jury is except for the Commander/Sectorial and the JURY themselves

Their only objective is to keep the city in order both up and underground. anything illegal they discover and then inform other units.

They can command other units.

Elite Divisions:


Savage is the Necrotic (Zombies) Team, They are specially Trained with Necrotics, They are the main team to wipe them out. SAVAGE Are Armed well, They dont leave one blood of a Necrotic behind. This can be unlocked at 03+


Nova is a Heavy Resistance, Riot control Division. They are the main Division you may want to send during Riot's, They will end within a second. They are heavily armed, Incredibly well trained. It takes a Man's Job to do this. Unlocked at 03+


Level 1:

- Running.
- Jumping.
- Climbing.
- Yelling.
- General uncivil behavior.
- Loitering. (Standing doing nothing)

Punished with a warnings, then re-education.

(When re-educating, swing twice. Don't KO them.)

Level 2:

- Swearing.
- Discriminating another citizen.
- Talking to a Civil Protection officer without orders. (Usually ranks above OfC, 05 - 01 is fine.)
- Commiting a level 1 violation right after a re-education.
- Possession of green marked contraband.
- Wasting an officer’s time.
- Not speaking an official language.
- Not using authorized citizen clothing.

Punished with negative 2 points, one cycle in detainment and a re-education.

(For each piece of green marked contraband they have, subtract two points from that citizen.)

Level 3:

- Failure to apply.
- Failure to report a crime. (In-action)
- Not following Civil Protections orders.
- Petty theft.

Punished with negative 4 points, two cycles in detainment and a re-education.

Level 4:

- Trespassing on Combine owned property.
- Stealing tokens.
- Direct unit harrasment. (verbal)
- Fighting. (with other citizens, if a priority citizen is attacked it is counted as policide)
- Tampering with unconscious or deceased bodies.
- Resisting arrest and/or questioning.
- Property Vandalism.

Punished with negative 6 points, re-education and three cycles in detainment.

Level 5:

- Direct unit harrasment. (i.e. spitting, throwing cans.)
- Attempted policide. (i.e. punching)
- Propaganda (light and not in favour of the combine)
- Ignoring lockdown of city blocks or entire city.
- Possession of yellow marked contraband.
- Lying on interrogation. (Need actual proof or witnesses.)
- Possesion of yellow marked contraband.

Punished with negative 8 points, re-education and four cycles in detainment.

(Interrogation for how contraband was obtained.)

Level 6:

- Trespassing inside the Nexus.
- UPA. (Unauthorised Procreative Activity; sex or similar RP)
- Combine property vandalism.
- Mental imperfection.
- Homicide. (murdering a citizen)
- Attempted policide. (Lethal weaponry used.)
- Hostaging.
- Robbery. (Violent)

Trial for amputation (which should be easily passed). If trial does not pass, punish with negative 10 points and five cycles in detainment.

Level 7:

- Possession of red marked contraband.
- Policide.
- Trespassing in City Administator's office.
- Mass homicide.
- Rebel conspiracy. (without physical evidence)

Punished with amputation.

(Interrogation first for contraband, then amputate.)


Green Contraband

Anti-Union Propaganda
Books, Except for UU-Branded books! Ex. - Zen of The Union
Bottled Water
Large Soda
Metropolice Supplements
Spray Paint
Vegetable Oil
Non-Branded UU-Foods (Orange, Banana, Donuts, Anything that doesn't have a (UU) in the name in front of it.)

Yellow Contraband

Combine Lock
Handheld Radio
Health Kits - Except for CWU-issued stuff.
Health Vials - Except for CWU-issued stuff..
Paracetamol - Except for CWU-issued stuff.
Anti-depressants - Except for CWU-issued stuff.
Stationary Radio
Zip Ties
Non-lethal weaponry.
Non-issued Universal Clothing (Ex. Different City Clothing, Not Rebel Vests)

Red Contraband

Rebel uniforms.
Any and all lethal weaponry.
Backpacks, bags and jackets are allowed.


-RCT Basically a citizen in a suit, they have NO authority at all. They are not allowed to leave the nexus unless told by a compass unit. They need to be trained before becoming an 05.

-05 The first rank of enlisted MPF. The 05 is issued a Stunstick and is able to patrol the streets without the authority of superiors. Access to the basic gear of his division. (Not augmented or brainwashed).

-04 The first "rank" in the the MPF. They are issued a sidearm and are able to patrol the streets without the authority of superiors. Gains access to his first firearm, the 9mm standard issue pistol. (Not augmented or brainwashed).

-03 A junior NCO in the MPF, they hold the authority similar to a corporal in the real world military. Gains access to smoke/flash grenades and a MP7. (Not augmented and slightly brainwashed).

-02 Similar to a sergeant in the pre-7 Hour War military, the 02 is allowed to command squads of 4-5 lower ranking MPF units. Gains access to the Mp7 or the Shotgun. Depends on what you prefer. (Slightly augmented and moderately brainwashed).

-01 The 01 is tasked of running the peacekeeping of the streets on a typical orderly day, and Is usually the highest rank seen on the streets unless a crisis of some sort is occurring. All of the stated above. (Slightly augmented and moderately brainwashed).

-OfC He's the above average unit. Wears a standard CCA suit with a trenchcoat. This unit is equipped with upgraded Kevlar body armour, most of the time. They usually are selected out of the 01s. Gains access to all kind of grenades, allowed to use a 9mm pistol, Shotgun or SMG (Moderately augmented and moderately brainwashed).

-EpU This unit is equipped with upgraded Kevlar body armour, most of the time. They usually are selected out of the OfC's. Gains access to the revolver. (Heavily augmented and heavily brainwashed).

-DvL A DvL (Divisional Leader) is the leader of a Division. Divisions are usually specialized in certain tasks, like patrolling, breaching, or judicial affairs. Gains access to the pulse rifle/energy balls. (Heavily augmented and heavily brainwashed).

-CmD The Commander is the second in charge, he is able to give orders to any MPF below his rank that is in his area. He is rarely sent outside however because of his high rank and can lead patrols into restricted areas (slums, sewers and so on). All of the stated above. (Heavily augmented and heavily brainwashed).

-SeC Sectorial Commander is the highest rank generally given to a member of the MPF, making them apart of the CCA. The Sectorial Commander (or SeC, for short) is almost exactly what it sounds like, being the commander of a specific Sector. Usually, there is only one SeC in a city, and being the SeC means that you are the commanding officer of all MPF units in that specific city, or sector. All of the stated above. (Heavily augmented and heavily brainwashed).

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