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Post by Dr. Strangelove on Sun May 24, 2015 10:18 pm

Rip's Character Profile Coolte13
Age: 43, born 12/2/1973 (December 2nd)
Birthplace: Stuttgart, Germany

General Information:
Nickname(s): Zeitgeist, Das MaddenDoktor
Language(s): English, German
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: German
Occupancy:Freelance Doctor

Physical Appearance:
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'3
Scars/Deformities: Missing her left eye

Voice: Rip speaks with a thick accent, clearly from her heritage. Often vying to be the loudest and most sarcastic one in the room, Rip is outwardly a sociopath, and inwardly someone looking to be alone with friends.


Intelligent: Rip spent most of her time studying various topics before the apocalypse, but because she never focused on one subject in her quest to know everything, she isn't a complete expert in anything except useless trivia.

   Psychologist: Rip prides herself in understanding people and how they react to certain stimuli. The tiny German also understands what makes certain people tick and why, and thus can manipulate them accordingly, though often just for their comfort. Emotional, crushing events can be quickly made light-hearted if she's in the mood to fix it.

   Doctoring: Already knowledgeable about how to treat wounds due to her books always in her hands, Rip can effectively treat things up to a small caliber bullet wound and everything below, all of which she's had to perform at one point or another. Don't expect her to re-attach a limb or re-embowel you, but you can rely on Rip always having advice for your ailment at the very least.

  Conversation: While she does possess the capability to know what makes people tick, she often chooses to use her powers for petty evil. Her blatant disregard for public image leaves most conversations she engages in littered with innuendos and sarcasm, often to the other person's chagrin.

   False Images: Rip prefers to leave the kindred spirit in her tucked away behind facades of "mad doktoring" and promiscuous nods, more often than not leading to people growing to dislike her. Although she doesn't normally care, she's recently been reflecting heavily on her actions.

   Small: Even though Rip knows exactly what to do to avoid every practical type of attack, she isn't the German bodybuilder that half of her books were focused on. She's simply too short to fight off competent fighters, but isn't going to hesitate to sink her teeth into your eye.

Character Relationships

Animosity|Hated|Distrust|Neutral|Trusted|Associate|Friend|Loved One

Moira Strangelove: They met after Strangelove woke up from a nap that almost ended in Strangelove bursting into flames and sunburns. THey exchanged stories and a bottle of whiskey, and are now good friends.

'Brainbug': After sharing a cigar and stories, Rip considers him on the same level as an old friend.

Qa'Lung: Though Qa has taken to calling her his "xenian crystal," she appreciates the Vortigaunt's company, going so far as to console him as to his lifespan.
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