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'Brainbug' 63cd8f670c76aadd41b285abca334b03756827e6

'Brainbug' T1BeDcn
████████████████████ RENEGADE - PARAGON ████████████████████

General Information:
Name: N/A
Nickname(s): Brainbug
Language(s): English
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: American
Age: 34
Occupancy: Civil Protection / Rogue
Sexuality: Homosexual

Physical Appearance:
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Build: Mesomorphic
Height: 5'8"
Scars/Deformities: N/A

Character Opinions

[death wish] [hate] [dislike] [neutral] [like] [ally] [love]

Jeriamiah Dusty - He's... pretty fuckin' cool. I thought he was joking about the blowjob as a payment, but... guess not.

Devin 'Scout' Lance - An old friend. A really old friend. I've missed him, and everyone from our last group. It's good to see a familiar face.

'Blackbird' - He's cool. I guess. He was an engineer as well, but was a few ranks below me. He seems to get himself caught up into to many different girls... Literally.
-Update - He's in a tough position, he really likes Lilly, but to make her happy, he has to keep his distance. I can't imagine what that feels like. But, he's the enemy of my enemy, and the enemy of enemy makes my ally.
-Update - He got mad at me, and for good reason. I'm... not sure why I did what I did. But, I can't apologize to him now, though... I should've been there for them.

Lilly - She's a cool person, but a massive dumbass. She doesn't realize that everyone has a decision. She's also pretty scared for a girl who runs about the outlands for a living.
-Update - Well... shit... I don't even know where to begin. She's living the same struggling life I was living when I was in my teens, so it's easier for me to get through to her. I just hope she doesn't take my kindness as something else.
-Update - She didn't deserve that... I- I should have been there, dammit. And now they're both gone... fuck. I wish I could tell you sorry, Lilly. I really do.

Adam Reddin - Seems like a mild asshole, but who isn't now'a'days. He's also a little gay so ayyy. (That rhymed!)

Rip Albreicht - Asshole-ish German girl who gave me a cigar.      +1?

Helen White - She's a nice little old lady. Shares a lot of the same ideals as me, and is just all-around a nice woman.

'Spade' - Didn't speak to him much, but he seems aight.
-Update - He was there with Bird when he tried to... harm himself, and then trusted me enough to give me Bird's gun. He trusts me, so I see no reason not to trust him.

Qa'Lung'Run - Not the biggest fan of vorts, given my past with them... and this biotic is weird.

'Eagle Eye' - Cool mask, dumb guy. I don't think his mask actually stopped those bullets as well as he thought.

Ukko Siltala - Weird dude, but he hasn't been rude or anything. He's aight.

Costa 'Rica' - I talked to him for less than thirty minutes, and he tried to bang me. That, kiddos, is called a whore!

Dean - Don't know him well and haven't talked to him much, but I've always had a distrust for influential rebels. Probably just my CP Paranoia kicking in.
-Update - This... fuck tried to take Lilly at gun point, as well as threatened me several times. Me, Bird, and Spade are all witnesses of this behavior, and he will pay the consequences.

Zoey Chang - Was preaching some shit about some Jido movement or something, and then promptly told me I was a piece of shit for being a rogue. Piss. Off.

Desmond - Came to the Replica, I'm pretty sure he's a homophobe.

'Glenn' - He's a decent vortigaunt, and I'm letting him stay at my bar.


Sean was born after his brother Pierce, and before his sister Aubrey. He was born in Georgia and instantly took a liking to gadgets. While his brother and sister liked to run around and play pretend, he was taking apart toys, and on some occasions, trying to put them back together. He was never too close to his brother, but he would lean toward playing with his sister more often than not. When he first started kindergarten when he was 5, his dad began letting him help around the garage when he was making repairs or building something like a bird house. By the time he hit 2nd grade he knew the name of most tools and could build a basic bird house with the help of his dad.

His brother was three years older than him, and his sister only two years younger then him. So being in different grades made it harder on Sean, having to deal with bullies on his own, and since he wasn't active and playful like most other kids, it was often. He eventually learned how to deal with the harassment and was able to easily shrug it off. Every time he got home from school he would go to the garage and work on projects with his dad.

It wasn't until much later when he was sixteen that his brother joined the military. He was nineteen, and died at twenty.


He was 26 when the 7 Hour War hit, and he was in total disarray. His father died defending the small farm they lived on, and Sean's mom was killed when she tried to help him off the ground. Sean on the other hand ran in panic with his sister, using the woods to shield himself from the oncoming Combine. He was caught a few hours into the chase, and separated from his sister. He never saw his sister again. He got deported off to a city in Russia where he has remained since. His current city was a few miles from City 45, and the communication between the two was little to none. He was very intrigued by the Combine's technology, and was in need of better living than what the citizens were given. He essentially became a 'good boy' until the Combine opened up to people wishing to join them. He sent in his application and hoped for the best.

He was in luck, his app was accepted. He joined the Metropolice Force and was trained under the Hex branch. He was apart of the MPF for three years and had gotten up to an 01. He was the best at what he did, and adapted to the Combine's technology quickly. Life was good for him, and he thought he'd happily live his life like this until he died. But that, however, was not the case. A normal day in the Nexus soon became a pure outbreak of chaos. Someone had rigged explosives to the GRID Room, and when shit hit the fan, Sean was first to blame. This meant he was going to have to escape, because he highly doubted that the Combine would forgive him for letting that happen, even less so considering they thought he had did it.


So with the clothes on his back and the UU against him, he decided to use the chaos to escape out the back. At first it wasn't hard, his personality earned him some friends, which allowed him to bypass a lot of the units he encountered, who he figured must've been severely punished for letting him by. And for a split second, it looked like this was going to be easy. He hardly ever was out on patrols, and likewise he wasn't prepared for a fight. Which made the encounter with the UNION DvL all the worse.

The disadvantage was clear. UNION's handled day-to-day operations outside the Nexus, so 246 had much more combat experience than he did. He didn't draw a gun, and was just standing there at the moment, his fingers curled up into a tight fist, but Sean wasn't about to fist fight this man. So, he did what any sane person would in this situation... he tried to whip out his gun and shoot him. 246, however, predicted this and was already on him before the pistol was fully out of it's holster. At this point, Sean was laying on the ground, dazed with a 210 Lb. man sitting on top of him, who's fists looked ready to just punch through his plastic mask and straight into his face.

That's when a gunshot rang out and the unit collapsed and rolled off Sean, grasping his throat in a violent spazzing motion beside him. It took him a second to process what had actually just happened, and upon looking at the source, he saw his friend, 321, a HELIX unit who joined with Sean. They might've been able to convince someone that Sean was innocent, but with the blood of 246 splattered across his mask, surrender was not an option. They would definitely be executed for this, and so they escaped together. Sean disabled their biosignals with his knowledge of Combine mechanisms, and they escaped.

In the canals, a scanner spotted them, and a few minutes later, OTA were closing in on them from behind. In the rush to escape their pursuers, they were separated. Sean, being less fit than his friend, fell behind and had to hide in a drain as the Combine were just around the corner. He managed to evade them, but upon leaving, he saw no sign of 321, and had to go the rest of the way alone.

He spent a few years in the outlands, losing most of his CP equipment, such as his guns. He was a lone wolf for a long time, and spent his days searching for the Helix, but was never successful. He had temporarily made friends with a vortigaunt, who offered him shelter and protection. All it took was one antlion to catch his green friend off guard, and it was all over. The rest of the time he spent wandering about the outlands, meeting few people along the way, though he always ended up alone.

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Pfff. No Character opinion for Rip. I see how it is.
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