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Post by TickyToe on Thu May 28, 2015 10:51 pm

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████████████████████ RENEGADE - PARAGON ████████████████████

General Information:
Name: Helen White
Nickname(s): N/A
Language(s): English
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: American/Irish
Age: 52
Occupancy: Doctor
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Physical Appearance:
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Faded Red/White
Skin Color: White
Build: Scrawny
Height: 5'8"
Scars/Deformities: N/A

Character Opinions

[death wish] [hate] [dislike] [neutral] [like] [ally] [love]

Rip Albreicht - I met her briefly a while ago, she was hard around the edges, but kind and caring on the inside.

Qa'Lung'Run - I've met few vortigaunts in my time, but I haven't come across one yet who hasn't been thoughtful and helpful. Mr. Lung was no different from the rest, and I hope to see him again.

Moira Strangelove - Bless her heart, she's been through some rough times. Though, I think we've all fallen on hard times. I still sympathize with her, and will give her comfort when she may seek it.

David Franco - I didn't speak to him for long, but any friend of Miss. Strangelove is a friend of mine.

'Brainbug' - Kind young man, he's... different than I would expect a rogue to be. Perhaps I should be more open minded.

Ash Beboir - A fellow doctor, but I didn't talk to her for long. Perhaps we will work together in the future.
-Update - She's a good woman, but she tries to act tough. Like everyone else, she has her own problems.

Alex 'Snake' - He was once a unit, and that makes me uneasy. His attitude is... vulgar, as well.


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