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Qa'Lung'Run Vortigaunt___Colored___by_Yuna_Dark_Shinigami

General Information:
Name: Qa'Lung'Run
Nickname(s): Lung, and Qa'Lung
Language(s): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: N/A

Physical Traits, and Details:
Eye Color: Red-Orange Tinted
Skin Color: Green-Orange
Build or Physique: Lean Muscular
Height: 7'4"
Scars/Deformities: N/A


Approximately, 10 and a half years ago, Qa'Lung'Run was born on the Planet Xen, however; if you were to more or less put it into human choleric time, it'd be around 21 years or so. Qa'l was given his name from an Elder who saw greatness in this vortigaunt, and his entire name or 'title' would literally translate out to Knowledgeable-Blooded-Unique. During his first few years, he showed much interest in knowledge, and he just loved every thing. So he would study, and study and learn many stories from the elders and old of their culture, collecting nothing but knowledge. The only pit-fall of knowledge, is that sooner or later it all runs out, so once he learned all he could about his culture and race, he shifted towards other dimensions, and began to sneakily reap knowledge from their libraries, and centers of knowledge and learning, and most prominent for instance was when human technology and alike came to Xen. He used the 'out-dated' tech to take a straight way ticket to earth once, and as he looked at the strange 'electronic' device, he absorbed the knowledge from the computer, which would practically be the internet itself, and...even darker things...He left Earth and went to go meditate in his cave, as he pictures the horrific things he saw that the humans did to each other, however; then he soon became the age of 3 years.

Mating rituals were going on around this time, however; he didn't bother to go to one, being to fascinated and focused on the seeping of knowledge, and he had turned into a rather unique vortigaunt in his tribe, and a few of the female vortigaunt insisted on taking him to the rituals, but he declined and went back to his studies. Some would call this behavior such taboo...It wasn't for one person especially a vortigaunt to not participate in every day things, especially the infamous mating ceremonies and rituals. But all he really did was just sit there in his cave, working in the 'factories', learning all the knowledge he could come across again, and practice his vortessence. But this would all come crashing down around his tribes, and countless others as the Black Mesa Incident happened around this time. His brethren going out to seek war and a way out of the boring and horrific border-world of Xen. Of course, he just stayed there seeing it wasn't too bad, but even with all of this knowledge, he still refused to believe that the knowledge would run out sooner or later.

Fast forward to the 7 Hour War, Qa'Lung'Run had to be sent from his home of Xen, to earth, witnessed many things from the sight of his brother's last sight of a man in a orange-like suit coming at them with a crowbar down a steel corridor, and how the leadership of the tribe was passed down onto him since he was one of the only elders left, and one fit to lead. However; he hated the fact of responsibility, and leadership, however; even in his time he lead the tribe of his brothers and sisters into a time of peace, even as the Portal Storms continued dumping countless headcrabs, bullsquids, abominations, and much more onto earth, yet it still stayed alive with the humans. But then the Combine or the Universal Union came knocking, and came to Xen as a way to get to Earth, and add another race to their 'Universal Unionization' of the dimensions. So Qa'Lung'Run fled to earth when he had the chance, and ended up in the outlands were he hid for a few days just evading the Overwatch Soldiers that swept the area, and the countless deaths of many. But this sadness also brought opportunity, because the Overwatch Soldiers employed a temporary base, which had a link to the database network that connected to the Universal Union's countless banks and banks of knowledge. So he did something risky, and as the soldiers were on patrol, he sneaked in, absorbed the knowledge from the computers, and afterwards, fell unconscious from the sheer amount of pain his head was filled with.

He woke up in the same area, except with a collar around himself, and that he was being lifted up by some soldiers to be taken to a dropship, to God knows where...However; then an RPG hit the alien-like creature that held onto the black pod, and a resistance cell raided the base, killing every one last of the soldiers, and as a celebration for their freedom, they plundered the area for weapons, food, supplies, and most importantly data against them. Qa'Lung'Run slowly walked away from all the chaos, and it was a good thing he did because not thirty minutes later, a large explosion was heard in the distance, and when he went towards the explosion, the surrounding town and base that was there not thirty minutes ago was just a crater. However; Qa'Lung soon found out that knowledge would soon cease, and that was not a month later when he just found repeats and repeats of things he already knew, and it saddened him, and it dawned on him that he was only eight and a half years old, and that he had a good eight thousand years of life. He became depressed by that thought of not being able to feel the warm embrace of a family, or a mate...and the regrets he would've re-done back when he was younger, but now it is the future, and the future can not be so reversed, by the present. So he made his way to the Siberian Outlands, where he spent the next two years (or five years in human time) just wandering and helping others with problems, for he could do nothing to entertain himself...

Character Opinions:
(Hate) (Dislike) (Neutral) (Like) (Ally) (Love)

Elizabeth Kuhn: This...this...BITCH, caused everything. She told everyone that I was dead, and told Rip that I died, and now I look like the bad-guy...I can't believe that...she caused so much anger, and pain, and sadness...I can't even...I doubt I'll be able to make myself happy with Rip ever again because of her...

Dean Holt: He caused many pains to the people in the outlands, from the repressed memories I have taken from my friends...So I will show all but hatred and dislike towards him to, but it seems he is dead...Good Riddance.

James Sconv: He assisted Dean Holt in an attempt to kill Brainbug, Blackbird, and Ross...Or also known as 'Spade' so I shall return the favor, and show hate towards him also.

'Brainbug': There are many things I can see in this one, however; one of this is pure dislike towards Vortigaunts, but he did have a bad past with them, so I don't hold it against him...

'Blackbird' This one is a friend of 'Brainbug' so I suppose he isn't that bad, but I just haven't gotten to know him that much is all...

'Spade': This one has many troubles in his life, I know that, but I suppose I don't hold it against him...he is a good friend, and hasn't hurt anyone that I know so it's all good I suppose.

Val'Kurn: A Vortigaunt Elder that I meet in the Outlands. He seems to share my passions, and I can relate to him a lot, but there are more that meets the eye with this one, but I will keep that to myself, like I do with everyone else I know.

David Franco: I've formed a somewhat stable relationship with him, and know who he is, however; I don't exactly thing I should because he does have relations with Rip, and if he tends to hurt me, I won't be one to follow with his downfall.

Moira Strangelove: She was a girl I meet that told me everything that I knew was a lie, about Rip...I guess, the sadness of me loosing Rip made my 'all-knowing' down-toned, and I couldn't sense the lie and deception in their tones and voices, but now I do, and I won't forget that guy named Dean Holt, who caused most of this.

Ash Deboir: She was a very good friend, that helped me break free of some barriers I still had, and now I have no left...Even though she is either missing or dead from what I can feel, she made me feel good in my time of sorrowness, and despair...I'm glad for that, even if she was a little insane.

Rip Albreicht: Even though we have had our differences, and let alone our own conflict which had left us rather...distant and agonized...We have finally made up, and I am really happy, plus I can't express my emotions for her, however; I can't help but feel a rising tension on my hands, with both Ash and Rip...

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