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Elijah Dunn:

General Information:

Name: Elijah Dunn
Language: English/German
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: American/German
Age: 24
Sexuality: N/A

Physical Appearance:

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: White/Pale
Build/Physique: Lanky/Lean-Muscular
Height: 6'3"
Scars/Deformities: N/A


Elijah Dunn was born into a poor farming family when he was a kid, in North Dakota. His brother Christian was his best friend due to him being rather anti-social, but when he was the young age of five, he began to write things since his brother taught him how to read and write, and he'd come up with cool little stories he'd show his father and mother. However; when the father saw it fit to send Elijah to a school, he picked a public school and gave him some rudimentary materials for school, however; his kindergarten loved Elijah a lot, so she tried to help him out as much as he could. Elijah always had a lunch thanks to her, and he got private sessions from Miss Dumbleshir, however; she would try her best to help him out.

When he went to first grade, Miss Dumbleshir bought a puppy, and would occassionally invite him over for him to meet the puppy, have tea with her, and just get away from the harsh conditions at his house, and not to mention teach him the basics. However; something happened when he was in Second Grade that he wouldn't forget...and that is the fact that his mother killed a man in-front of him, and put the man's gun up to her head and just...blew her brains out onto the carpet, and all he did was just stand there crying, until the father came in-from the fields hearing the gunshot. He mourned with Elijah, and soon enough Christian also came in and mourned with him. Elijah from that point on was very anti-social and didn't want to make friends with anyone, except for talking with Miss Dumbleshir.

When he got into fourth grade, he tried his best to make some friends, but they'd always call him a freak because he couldn't always get a shower all the time, and he usually smelled a little odd, however; who could blame him? To be honest, he just grew up with regret and hatred towards over, but also sadness and contempt for himself. When he was 13, and in seventh grade, he did what he could and all he did was focus on studying, he just wanted to be more than a farmer, and become something meaningful in his life. He began to improve on his writing skills, and he tried many times to improve his work on a simple story about a boy similiar to his condition, however; Miss Dumbleshir loved how he always kept trying, and even at one time tried to get the book published, but it was rejected due to the main fact that no money was provided for the fees.

Elijah at the age of 16, found himself in his room, and wanted to ask his father something, however ;he hadn't left his room in two days, and since he was hungry and wanted something to eat, he'd go to his father, but when he entered the room, all that was left was a body dangling from a rope at the top of the rafters...Father hung himself, and all he did was just stand there looking at the body, not saying a word. Christian, his brother, came home a few hours later to find his brother like this, and to be honest, he couldn't stand it so the police came and took the bodies away, and all that could be done is Christian, being the oldest was to inherit everything, so he sold the farm, and the land, and bought an apartment in the small town to live while he did his job in-town.

Elijah pushed himself hard to get through High School, and by the end of the senior year he had gotten straight A's in both Honors English, AP Calculus, AP Euro, German 4, and when he could, he improved on the things he could when he couldn't at Grade 9, 10, and 11. To be honest, he really just wanted to be good at what he was, and wanted to impress his brother and Miss Dumbleshir, since they were the only thing remotedly family to him, and at Age 19, he graduated high school, and wanted to write his own book. He wrote a book about World War II, and a family that was during the last year or so and how they wanted to escape the Nazi rule and the war. He showed it to his brother and Miss Dumbleshir, and sure enough she tried getting companies to publish it, but after four companies denied it, the R&C Publishing Company wanted to publish it free of charge, and that'd he'd get a 10% royalty on it.

When he was 20 years old, he made a comfortable profit from his book, and even was able to get his own apartment instead of depending on his brother, but sadly...since he spent most of his time writing this book, he became distant from his brother, and about six days later after getting his apartment, his brother died in a car accident, and he fell into great depression, and Miss Dumbleshir was the only one who could comfort him, but Miss Dumbleshir was about 72 years old now, and she really had to tell Elijah what was happening to her, and she told him she had a good 2 years or so to live, before she dies of the cancer that was plagueing her brain, and he just couldn't accept it so he went away, but two months later the 7 Hour War happened, and he hide in a cupboard, and even though he got cut multiple times from falling china, and alike, he remained vigilant as he waited out the assault.

He never had no-one to love...he had a problem with talking to people, and the depression and emotions he would feel for his parents and family were too great, that he was usually depressed, and even though he wanted love, and that two people wanted to actually be there for once, he was just too distant, and sooner or later he was on a dropship inbound to City 33, but he crashed in the outlands, and that is where his story takes place from...

Character Opinions:

Krah'la 'Glenn' Ghenn: [STATUS: Ally] This is the first person I've meet in a long time, and to be honest, perhaps it's all the isolation, but he's a vortigaunt that I can relate a lot too, and he seems like a very nice and understanding friend. I hope I can find more people like him out here, because honestly...I've been away so long, I need to keep civility and socialize a bit.

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