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Post by Dr. Strangelove on Thu May 28, 2015 9:53 pm

Azaizel's Character Profile Coolte12
Age: 5X, born 9/26/196X (September 9)
Birthplace: Maine, United States
Azaizel's Character Profile Tumblr_mc4h20GSNd1rrt383o1_500
General Information:
Nickname(s): Boss, Doc, Count
Language(s): English
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: American
Occupancy:Old Man, Resident Sniper

Physical Appearance:
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (Greying)
Skin Color: Causasian
Height: 6'4
Scars/Deformities: .357 scar on cheek

Voice: A deep, stern voice matching with a similarly imposing man.


Guns:Given his pre-War occupation, he was at the very least knowledgeable about firearms, and probably won't choke under pressure when using one. Especially comfortable with a sniper rifle.

 Intimidating: A six-foot-four, facially scarred man isn't generally a friendly face, and might have the side-effect of scaring the less mentally strong.

 Protective: Make Azaizel a good friend, and he won't hesitate to risk his life to save yours.

Aging: In his late-fifties, he isn't physically weak by any means. However, he may have trouble keeping up a fist-fight.

 Distracted: He focuses heavily on his family, and will remain his first priority. As a result, he may forget about prior engagements for their sake.

Character Relationships

Animosity|Hated|Distrust|Neutral|Trusted|Associate|Friend|Loved One

Anna Franzen: His recently reunited wife, Azaizel hasn't lost an ounce of the love he had before they were separated.

Dorine Hellsing: His daughter, Azaizel puts himself at Death's door to answer it should they ever come for Dorine. Likely would not survive her death.

Zoey "Jiyu" Chang: Contact One in City 8, he's determined she has the same ideals as himself. Joined her pocket resistance as Resident Old Man Sniper and Rebellion Guidance Counselor.

Rip Albreicht: With the group since Day One, Rip and Azaizel have been friends since before the War. He considers her a sister.
"Saved my life when a bomb went off next to me. I've still got the shrapnel scar in my chest. She's unstable, but I don't trust a lot of people with my life. She's one of them."

Krah'La'Ghenn: Azaizel and Krah go way back, forming a strong friendship. Krah was present during Azaizel's botched brainwashing episode, and actually reunited him and his wife. Krah also educated and trained Azaizel in the Vortessence, though Azaizel's status as a human render him unable to do anything worthwhile, restricted to neat party tricks and choppy Fluxshifting, both of which exhaust him in a matter of minutes.
"I'll never be able to repay Krah for what he's done for me. I might be old, but I'm still willing to go through hell for him and his kind. God bless him."
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