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CCA Application Format Empty CCA Application Format

Post by The Redspy on Fri May 22, 2015 4:37 pm

Out Of Character:
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
In-Game Name:
Physical Description:

1. Please offer your character's back-story with correct grammar and punctuation. This back-story must be detailed and have at least two paragraphs

2. How long have you been role-playing? Integrate a detailed background for your role-play experience.

3. How long have you been on Inquisitive RP?

4. Do you know what Fear role-play is? Please provide an example of fear role-play in a detailed and plausible scenario.

5. Have you ever experienced Metro-police? Write an example of a scenario while being CCA. Write a plausible and detailed scenario that involves the correct use of the Metro-police white

6. Do you know what Passive role-play is? Please provide an example of Passive role-play with a plausible and detailed scenario.

7. Have you ever been kicked or banned? If you have, please explain the situation

8. Tell us anything else that you feel would make you stand out.

In Character Application:

< :: (Citizen Name here) # (Citizen ID here)...
*Welcome citizen, Have seat. Before we start, I would like you to know by applying for this position, you have pledged your full allegiance and loyalty to the Union, and that all actions that you commit is for the glory of the Union. Not saying that you will be accepted, but we just in case. When you are ready, we can begin.



Loyalist Points?

Criminal Points?

1. Why do you wish to join the Civil Combine Authorities. (two paragraphs)

2. Do you have any useful traits that can be beneficial to the Universal Union?

3. Have you ever been detained by a unit? If so, please explain why.

4. How many Loyalist and criminal points do you have?

5. Why do you think that you are worthy to join the force? (What makes you so special?)

6. Do you have any useful background knowledge?

7. Do you have any capabilities or any disabilities that the Union should be aware of?


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